This is shit released!

Aire De Jeux Gonflable Pas Cher

Album with happy tunes and prairie punk will be released on August 23rd.

Dusty Cowshit is back Acheter Aire De Jeux Gonflable with a vengeance and the new and long awaited CD «THIS IS SHIT» will be available in a record shop near you from August 23rd.

  • We feel that the people of Earth are thirsty for a proper stimulant Inflatable Obstacle Course For Sale of a party CD, and with this album, Dusty Cowshit wishes to spread joy Moonwalks For Sale with a bubbly and colorful explosion of a long drink with which to face the autumn.

  • Dusty Cowshit aims for the Norwegian Music Award “Spellemannsprisen” in the categories dance band, children’s music, jazz, country, pop, rock, disco, hip-hop, folk music and alternative, as well as “the Spellemann of the year”, with the album «THIS IS SHIT». Whatever the category, Dusty Cowshit wishes to entertain the listeners with a varied, exciting and fun album structure gonflable pas cher containing 13 future Dusty classics. The song «Ta en du kan», which is the only one with Norwegian lyrics, will hopefully qualify for a call from Ravi in a couple of years…
  • The cowboys, who in the spirit of Robin Hood always claimed that «all modern music has been stolen from the prairie» and that their mission is to bring the songs back to the starting point, have dived into their own musical roots – and weeds… On «THIS IS SHIT» only Dusty’s own compositions and lyrics are served – naturally in the much loved Dusty style – without any attempts to hide references and sources of inspiration.

  • Norway‘s arguably best live band promises that the legendary and hysterically funny concert shows will reach new heights. The Dusty rides again! Look forward to it :)

  • If you want to know more about, or wish to get closer to, Dusty Cowshit, please feel free to call producer Morten Heiberg (aka Morten Kane) on +47 99124905 or Tom Jarle Dehkes at Yihaa! Records on +47 97677375. You can email us at or check out