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Dusty Cowshit has since many years, back to the golden age of Billy the Kid, been a colourful feature and a great hit all over the country of Norway, from the sunny and beautiful small town Farsund in the south to the friendly but freezing Longyearbyen at Svalbard, as well as some other spectacular places in Europe like Malta, Palermo Sicily and Helsinki Finland. The band has played hundreds of concerts and performed on numbers of TV-shows, and is famous for their hilarious and first-class live shows.

More or less as an internal joke, the band was started in the year 1991 as a costume party live act. The joke was very well received, and the hay ball started to roll. Some weeks after the first gig the 9 clownish cowboys tied their horses to a Hells Angels prospect club’s establishment in Oslo, after a couple of days challenging ride from their hometown Moss. Thanks to the bartender’s vigilance, Dusty Cowshit got through the night just about alive. He was able to warn his fellow biker friends that the band draws their cap pistols on the intro to the first song, so that no one returned the gun fire. This “one night stand up” is fortunately still alive…

As you may already know Dusty Cowshit performed well in the Norwegian Eurovision Song Contest 2007. They became the public favourites and finished honourable in forth place in the grand final at Oslo Spectrum arena on the 10th of February 2007. They should of course have won, and the 2008 International finals would have been in Norway instead of in Serbia…  

So what is Dusty Cowshit? Well, it’s a 9 man heavy music band. In a real vulgar-sparkling-cowboy-polka-orchestra way it’s all about entertaining you with a great live act on unusual instruments playing songs you may have heard before. Some of the instruments played are suitcase, spoons, saw, washboard and dried beanstalks in addition to the more common Prairie sound of banjo, fiddle, mandolin, harmonica, accordion and off Mexico-trumpet. If this turns you on, you will simply love Dusty Cowshit.  

The band has through out the years released 4 LP records with the gun-fire exploding titles “Coventry & Westham”, ”Østenfor Soon, Western for Råde”, ”Öppna barskap” and now recently “This is shit”, in addition to some singles and one EP. Dusty Cowshit’s greatest hit until now is most likely the original version of Nocturne, a number 1 selling single that was on the charts for weeks. (A cover version of the same song was performed by another band representing Norway in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1995, who became the winner, or so it is said…) 

According to Dusty Cowshit all modern pop-music has its roots back in the old Wild West. The audience will most likely recognise quite a few of the songs the band performs. This due to the fact that these songs in modern times have been stolen from the old times of dangerous gunfighters and affectionate folk song musicians. Compared to the originals the sound of the copied versions performed by todays so called pop-stars is generally toothless and boringly polished. “Our mission is to steel these songs back again”, proclaims Dusty Cowshit. “We do our outmost to perform the songs as closely as possible to the way they most likely were performed back in the old times of smartly dressed cowboys. Dusty Cowshit promises to take you on a nostalgic travel through Indian reservations with tepees and dancing squaws over windy prairie deserts to the darkest saloons and whore houses, where beautiful dancing girls and sophistically dressed duellists can be experienced until the small hours of the morning. Come on join the horseride and sing along to the echo of long bygone but far from forgotten times! Dusty Cowshit is in town with glittering Christmas tree decorations and vulgar-sparkling-cowboy-polka music en masse. ”We’ll give you the night of your life”, promise the Dusty boys that answers to the names of Odd Evil Custer, Remi Remington, Uncle Tom Tom, Ole Hickock, Kaare Kid, Morten Kane, Petter Gun, Knut Kruttlapp and Stig Sundance.  

We invite you all to show up and experience Dusty Cowshit in their first show since last time!